Gears of War 3: 'We'd like to rival Halo online'

Epic has sights set on matching 360 stablemate's popularity

Epic Games doesn't believe that Gears Of War 3 can challenge Call of Duty in terms of popularity online - but it reckons it can challenge fellow MS franchise Halo.

Speaking to CVG during E3, Epic design chief Cliff Bleszinski said: "I don't think we can hit CoD numbers, because that's such a phenomenon, but I'm hoping we can get close to Halo numbers.


"The thing about those franchises is that they're wonderful and they're established - but they're also two or three games ahead of us. We're only on the third game of the series. There's a few more Call Of Dutys and Halos under their belt.

"This is one thing where you have to train the audience and build them up with continually consistent products - and we're still fighting off that perception from Gears 2's online being broken, honestly. That's been a big pain in the ass for us, and rightfully so - because we screwed up.

"By doing the beta, we've ironed out a lot of those online issues, the dedicated servers are just a wonderful thing to actually have in the game - and I believe all games need them now. Shooters, in particular."

Speaking in a separate interview, Bleszinski said he'd "die" if his latest shooter managed to clear ten million sales.

When asked about his sales aspirations for the title by Industry Gamers, Bleszinski said: "Definitely over six million, obviously. But deep down, just to be perfectly candid and honest, I would die if we hit ten - that would be phenomenal.

"But I can only pray and hope. It's up to the gamers to vote with their wallets," he added.

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