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Bleszinski: 'I'd love to make Kinect game'

"In the event there were to be another Gears game, that's something we might explore"

Epic man (in more ways than one) Cliff Bleszinski has said he'd love to make a Kinect game, and even said he'd consider Kinect functionality in a possible future Gears of War game.

The Gears of War creator is a big fan of games that mix traditional controls with Kinect enhancements. "One of the sexiest things at [Microsoft's E3] press conference was the Ghost Recon thing where the guy [made hand gestures] and the gun exploded. That was hot," he said to Industry Gamers.


"And I said last year at this very party... I think hybrids would be great. And now we're seeing hybrids. So maybe eventually we'll see more hardcore games that are Kinect only, but you have 6 million Gears, however many million Halos, and however many Call of Dutys. 26 years [of traditional controls] aren't going to go [away] anytime soon, right?"

More tantalisingly, Bleszinki added: "If, in the event there were to be another Gears game, that's something we might explore. But we want to do it right. If I had unlimited amounts of time and a team I could sit down and make a cool Kinect game, and I would love to, but it's a matter of time and opportunity costs right now."

Bleszinski has shown the utmost enthusiasm for the widespread experimentation with Kinect, saying he'd himself be "hacking" Kinect if he were a teenager.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]