DICE interview: Battlefield 3 made to 'run equally on all platforms'

Exec producer optimistic of game's console performance in video interview

Sure, Battlefield 3 has been looking stunning in all those trailers, but we all know that's PC footage? How the console versions will compare is what we want to know.


The US PS Blog has released the below video interview with DICE executive producer Patrick Bach, and while it admits video of the game is also from PC, Bach does promise big things from the console.

"Our goal has always been to create a game that works equally on all platforms," he said. "So the engine is designed to run smooth on the PS3 as well as on the PC."

Back avoided making direct reference to the Xbox for obvious reasons, but did continue: "I think the consumer will not see any big differences between the versions."

There was no sign of the Xbox 360 version at E3 last week, and DICE was very upfront, telling press that the SKU simply "isn't ready" and that it doesn't want to show the game "until it's the best that it can be".

Here's the full interview:

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]