CVG's Site Of The Week: VG Reloaded

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Last week we crowned Game Kudos as our site of the week, the site holds community at its heart but it doesn't go running to big names like Twitter and Facebook to enhance its readers' experience. Instead it builds upon its own community features.

This week we're hoisting VG Reloaded onto our pedestal.

At the moment, it's a one-man-band with a particular focus on great games reviews but, as always, it's a site that's looking to expand.

We sat down editor Adam Waddilove to learn a little bit more about VG-Reloaded, what it specialises in and what it has planned for the future.


What sets VG-Reloaded apart from other sites?

VG-Reloaded is run solely by me, so all reviews and news are done alone. After doing this for a number of years, I've realised that a lot of gamers prefer to hear the good and bad points about a game without having to read 3-5 pages of small information that isn't really important. So I tend to keep my articles brief and to the point.

What would you say you specialise in?

Reviews are the main focus of the site. We also have a featured video that appears on every page of the site that we update once a week to show what is worth having a look at. We mainly get 360/PS3 code to review at the present.

What do you have planned for the future?

I'm hoping to expand the site so I can hire staff to keep the site updated with articles, editorials and so on. Details on how to get in touch are on the site.