LA Noire credits missing hundreds of names

Over 130 contributors claim to have been omitted

The ending credits list in Take-Two's brilliant LA Noire is allegedly missing over 130 names.


So says the dozens of contributors who claim the Team Bondi-developed title neglects to acknowledge their work on the title throughout its lengthy seven-year creation.

According to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald (via Shacknews), a large number of contributors are seeking credit from the game, particularly one developer who said he had to work 10-12 hours "almost every day and on weekends," and said working at Team Bondi was "inflexible and virtually praise-free."

One argument is that some of these contributors' work doesn't feature in the final product - which has been heavily iterated and revised throughout its long development.

But one unaccredited dev argued, "The nature of game development is that it's very iterative in the sense that obviously what comes out in the final product is built on a base of what happened at the very start."

"Our work is in the game, we see it - we see our fingerprints on things we have done and finished and put in the game, but unfortunately we aren't credited."

Those in question have set up a website,, which is said to feature the "complete" list of credits. However they may never be officially credited as some were apparently told "they would not be credited unless they stayed with the company until the game shipped."

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[ SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald ]