Batman: Arkham City Robin revealed

The Boy Wonder looks badass

Robin has been revealed for Batman: Arkham City.

The Boy Wonder will be a playable pre-order bonus for the game's Challenge Rooms, where players take on waves of Gotham goons with a timer adding pressure.


If you're usually a bit sceptical about Batman's sidekick, this image should calm fears just a little. Robin doesn't look like a pushover if you ask us. He'll also have an alternate 'Red Robin' attire.

The Arkham City Robin is Tim Drake rather than Dick Grayson, who we assume has already gone on to become Nightwing according to Rocksteady's timeline. Could a Nightwing appearance be coming soon as well?

Of course, with Robin having been announced for the Challenge Rooms only it doesn't look like he's going to have a bearing on the game's story. Although who knows what Rocksteady could spring on us?

The Tim Drake Robin pack has been set as a pre-order bonus at Best Buy in North America alone so far.

We'd be surprised if a UK retailer didn't get a similar sort of deal, though.