Duke Nukem Forever sequel: Would you buy it?

Debate: Following DNF, do you still hail to the king?

It's no secret that Duke Nukem Forever review scores weren't all that flattering for the video game action hero.


They caused shares to drop, tempers to fly and heads to roll, but this is far from the end for Duke Nukem.

The flat-haired hero hit the top of the charts when it came to sales thanks to bubbling anticipation following an almost one and a half decade wait. In terms of sales, Take-Two probably can't complain, but does Duke have a future?

Our own Will Porter certainly doesn't think it's game over for Duke just yet. More importantly, neither does Take-Two.

The parent company confirmed Duke Nukem Forever is selling well and confirmed it will be releasing more Duke Nukem in the future.

The big question is would you buy another Duke Nukem game? There seems to be a small group of people at least who have found immense enjoyment in DNF and would go for more.

For those of you that share the scathing sentiments of professional reviewers, however, is Duke Nukem past it? Would a follow up to Forever be a mistake and what would a developer have to do to make it a success?