Xbox 360, Modern Warfare 3 top purchase intent during E3

Microsoft's console and Activision's shooter grab consumer mindshare

Xbox 360 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 were the leading hardware and software products in terms of consumer mindshare and purchase intent during the week of E3 2011.


That's according to the EEDAR Retail Buyer Report, which is based on aggregated data from IGN (over 78 million page views), GamerMetrics (over 109,000 purchase intent metrics tracked) and GameTrailers (over 45 million trailer views).

"The Xbox 360, for the second year, was the top platform among consumer mindshare and purchase intent during the week of E3 2011," said the analyst firm.

"With E3 being an annual event watched by millions of core gamers worldwide, it is no surprise that Microsoft has once again taken the top spot among awareness and purchase intent for its first and third-party titles.

"Additionally, the long-anticipated announcement of Halo 4 along with the 10th anniversary release of the original Halo, propelled Microsoft ahead of its competitors during the E3 week."

Modern Warfare 3 topped software purchase intent and had the highest number of trailer views during E3 week, leading EEDAR to forecast: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had an impressive consumer showing and the results suggest the series should see a yearly growth of over 11 percent."

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