Dead or Alive Dimensions reclassified in Australia

PG game now rated M - reclassification hawks go into overdrive

Following media controversy surrounding the PG-rated 3DS title, which was reported to feature "big-breasted female fighters whose outfits leave little to the imagination", Dead or Alive Dimensions has been reclassified in Australia.

In a welcome move for fans of the franchise, the Australian Classification Board has stamped an M rating on the fighter, which has been unavailable in Australia since it was pulled from shelves for reclassification earlier this month.

The controversy was sparked by media claims that the title includes elements of child pornography, following Nintendo's decision not to distribute the game in Sweden because its scantily clad characters are listed as being under the age of 18.

Is this too "sexy" for a PG rating?

The decision to reclassify presumably hinges on the Australian version not specifying the age of the offending characters, with Nintendo PR manager Heather Murphy telling ABC Online that the Australian version "doesn't state the ages of all the players and the ones who do have an age in their profile are not under 18.

"They're not listed as underage, they're listed as no age."

The game is now described as containing "violence and sexualised gameplay" on its classification sticker, and will hopefully return to Australian retail shelves within days.

In other Australian reclassification news, the Wii title We Dare will not be reclassified from its original PG rating, despite a review request supported by Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor. The game, which features 'mild sexual references', was deemed fit for the PG rating after the Classification Board stated that "there are no sexual references in actual game play."

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]