EA confirms FIFA 12 UK release date

Footy sim out in UK in September

EA's nailed down the UK and Europe release date for FIFA 12, which will be hitting retailers on September 30.


Oddly, those chaps across the pond who care bugger all about Nottingham Forest, Wigan et al, will be getting FIFA 12 a few days earlier on September 27. Gits.

The PC versions of FIFA will also be releasing alongside its PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts, and for the first time EA's promised it will match up technically.

"This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay on their preferred platform," stated FIFA 12's executive producer Kaz Makita.

"PC fans are going to enjoy the highest quality gameplay, deepest game modes and truest graphics ever developed for the platform, including our new live service EA Sports Football Club."

According to reports, FIFA 12 will carry a recommended retail price of £54.99, while the 'Ultimate Edition' will include access to 24 game downloads spread throughout the year that will update teams, squads and fitness.

For more FIFA goodness, check out the FIFA 12 E3 trailer.