Wii Play Motion

Need a new remote?

By now you've well and truly exhausted Wii Play, Wii Sports and Wii Sports: Resort. The next time your family pops by for a visit, you might have to break out the Ludo, or *shudder* even talk to each other.

No. There is to be no talking. Nintendo have you covered, thanks to their latest, surprisingly fully featured mini-game collection, which comes bundled with a deliciously red MotionPlus-enabled Remote Plus. Inside you'll find a whopping 12 minigames, many of which are good harmless fun, and a couple of which could have been released as full WiiWare offerings and earned favourable reviews.


The presentation may be functional as ever, with bland menus and an artless art style, but the games are accompanied by an unexpectedly wonderful soundtrack. Seriously, it's Kirby's Epic Yarn good, full of catchy refrains that we're still humming now, a few days later.

As for the games themselves, they're less uniformly impressive. If, like us, you thought Nintendo were running out of good activities to base mini-games on, you were only half right.

Some of them, like Skip Skimmer, we never would have imagined in our wildest dreams,1 and its stone-bouncing is so lightweight it might as well not exist. Meanwhile, the strangely terrifying Grappling Ghosts uses the increased precision of MotionPlus to provide one of the most inventive minigames we've ever seen.

Ah yes, MotionPlus. That's why we're here, isn't it? Who knows why Ninty are pushing MotionPlus now, after effectively ignoring the Wii for many months, but the remote-lengthener is used to great effect here.

Whether you're balancing a tower of ice cream or contorting your Mii into various shapes to fit through a number of holes,2 this is a great sell for the under-used add-on.

If you need another remote, or you haven't yet taken the MotionPlus plunge, you could do a lot worse than pick this up, if only to find a dozen new ways to humiliate Gran at Christmas.

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The verdict

It will likely spend more time on your shelf than in your Wii, but this is one of the better mini-game titles. However, only consider it if you need a new remote.

  • Bright and mostly inoffensive visuals
  • Magnificent soundtrack
  • A wide range of activities
  • Lack of visual variety
  • A few uninspired filler games
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