PlayStation 4 to be unveiled next year - Report

Sony to join Xbox 720 in 2012 fanfare?

Sony is looking to unveil its next PlayStation home console sometime next year, according to a new report.


Usually reliable US news site IndustryGamers claims it's heard from "industry sources at a top developer" that the PlayStation 4 will become a real thing in the next 18 months.

The claims come just a few weeks after a similar story pointing to an Xbox 720 reveal next year, with developer Crytek cited as the source of the rumour.

Industry Gamers doesn't elaborate further on its claims, but the announcement of two next-generation consoles in 2012 surely wouldn't make Nintendo, which has just revealed plans to enter the HD generation with Wii U, particularly pleased.

It'd also be quite a surprise, seeming as only a few weeks ago Sony reaffirmed its 10-year cycle strategy for the PlayStation 3.

Xbox's EMEA VP, Chris Lewis also stated in an interview at E3 that he sees Xbox 360 as about "halfway" through its life cycle.

Stranger things have happened.

[ SOURCE: IndustryGamers ]