Amiga reborn as high-end PC range

Ever think you'd own an Amiga more powerful than a PS3?

After successfully resurrecting the Commodore 64, tech firm Commodore USA has revealed plans to reboot Amiga as a range of high-end PCs.


The gaming classic will be reborn in three flavours: the Amiga 1000, 2000 and 3000 - ranging from sleek desktop PC to 12kg computing beast.

The biggest, the Amiga 2000, is the most expandable of the models and is said to have "enough space to enable the most powerful technology available today."

The 2000 is big enough to (deep breath) house seven full size expansion cards, a full size ATX power supply, a full size ATX motherboard, six hard drives and a full size optical drive, says Commodore. By the looks of it, you could probably hide a dead body in there too.

The 1000 box meanwhile is described as "elegant and stylish" and can apparently support the installation of components that "can easily meet your Desktop and HTPC computing power needs".

The 1000 supports both MicroATX and ITX motherboards with a single riser or a dual riser for standard card expansions. It uses a standard 1U power supply, says Commodore.

Finally, the Amiga 3000 is described "as a powerful foundation for all your creative and entertainment needs" and can be "extensively customised" as either a desktop PC or home theatre system

The 3000 supports four "low profile" expansion cards, full ATX power supply, Micro ATX motherboards, four hard drives and full size DVD/BluRay/CDROM.

Commodore USA says to expect more details on the Amiga range at a later date.