Uncharted clone coming to Xbox 360

Unearthed looks very similar to a game you might know...

A game bearing some eye-opening similarities to Uncharted 3 is coming to Xbox 360.


Unearthed: The Trail of Ibn Battuta is being developed by Saudi Arabia studio Semaphore.

It was known to be in development for iPhone, PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and PSN - but is now also listed on the game's site for release on XBLA and WiiWare.

The story sees 'fortune hunter' Faris Jawad receive a call to visit Morocco, where he trails the footsteps of famous Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta across the Middle East.

Semaphore tells us that we'll have to "overcome an unholy alliance of a militia army leader, a weapons dealer and a wealthy antiquities smuggler who are after the same goal".

Sound a little bit familiar? Try the teaser trailer for size, followed by Uncharted 3's own production from Naughty Dog...

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Semaphore promises a "unique mix" of platforming, melee fighting and stealth gameplay as you "travel across the Middle East, from the wildlife of [the[ Moroccan Atlas Mountains to the alleys of Old Damascus through the port of Alexandria and the metropolitan city f Dubai".

Those hoping for a genuine rival to Uncharted's award-winning gameplay, however, may want to look away now. Although Unearthed is only at the pre-Alpha stage, it looks like Semaphore may struggle to match this generation's best action adventure.

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Unearthed will be released in both English language and Arabic versions in an "episodic format", according to Semaphore, which will include cliffhanger endings and flashbacks to previous episodes.

The studio is yet to give a concrete release date for the game other than "coming soon".