New PlayStation boss talks PS3 exclusives, PS4

Andrew House on how PS3 allows Valve to reach new gamers

The newly-promoted CEO of PlayStation worldwide, Andrew House, has given CVG his thoughts on why studios should bring content to PS3 - and why we'll be waiting a long time yet for its successor.


Sony announced this morning that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe bossHouse had been promoted into his new role at Sony Computer Entertainment International.

He replaces Kaz Hirai, who takes the role of global president.The changes will take effect on September 1.

Speaking to CVG earlier this month, House discussed why we're seeing traditional PC developers flocking to PlayStation - including Valve and Dust 514 beta studio CCP.

"The two things that I'm hearing [from PC devs] are that, one, as the size of the [Ps3] audience grows, clearly there's potential there in the console space to reach new users... and, secondly, I think it's a testament to the overall power of the device, and the fact that it's capable of delivering the same experience - or an even better experience - but on a big screen TV in a console environment."

On the future of PlayStation consoles, House told us that he "still characterised this as the early period" for PS3, and noted that Sony had "only really just begun to explore what the potential is for 3D".

Check out our video interviews below. Meet the new boss. A bit beardier than the old boss.

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