Tomb Raider: Dissected

Picking apart the E3 gameplay demo

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The other major feature is Lara's 'Survival Instinct', which works in much the same way as the Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed or Detective Mode in Arkham Asylum. It's a popular optical offering.

In this case Lara can quickly locate useful objects in the world as they stand out with a golden glow. In the demo, the player has to use the torch to set fire to a number of boxes, which in turn float down stream towards the gubbins blocking her escape.

Thankfully, said gubbins is surrounded by red barrels (a gaming classic) which of course are filled with something explosive.


With a new path created, Lara can continue her scramble to the surface. The final clamber sees players engage with another Quantic Dream inspired scene by tapping L1 and R1 to make Croft crawl.

Normally we'd be wary about too much QTE in a series like Tomb Raider but, from the portion of gameplay we've seen, Tomb Raider looks fairly well balanced in its mechanical mix.

You can understand what the developers are trying to achieve with the button mashing as well. Like Heavy Rain, this is an emotional, panicked situation and making players work hard physically (although not really) is a way of dragging them into that experience.

Lara bursts out of a small hole in the side of a mountain with one last cry of pain before stumbling across a rocky ledge jutting out from the rock face.


As she does we get a chance to soak in the vista and have a look at the kind of environment we'll be playing in.

As you can see, our protagonist probably isn't the first person to be swept up on the island. There are a number of shipwrecks littering the coast and some of the vessels are clearly from a bygone era.

You'll also notice, hanging from one wreckage is what looks like a string of small red and white buoys. We saw similar objects scattered throughout the cave that Lara was trying to escape.

Could this symbolise that whoever decorated the cave has control of the whole island? We're probably looking at something like a tribal group as the central enemy in the reboot, posing the main threat to Lara in this unknown environment if so.

We think we'll spend as much time avoiding them as we will surviving the harsh elements.

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