Age of Conan now free-to-play

Fantasy MMO no longer requires a subscription

Age of Conan is the latest MMO to jump on the free-to-play bandwagon.


Age of Conan's free-to-play incarnation, dubbed Age of Conan Unchained, is now free to download and play.

In an FAQ on the game's site, developer Funcom explains its new hybrid model, which allows players to continue subscribing if they want for access to the full-blown experience.

Check out the Age of Conan Unchained launch trailer:

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Earlier this week, Blizzard's World of Warcraft went free-to-play for an unlimited time up to level 20, while SOE introduced microtransactions to DC Universe Online, leading some to speculate that the company may also be considering introducing a free-to-play option.

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