Naughty Dog: 'We'd love to make another Jak and Daxter'

'But this is a one game at a time studio,' says co-president

Naughty Dog hasn't abandoned the Jak and Daxter franchise, it says.


Far from it in fact; the studio's co-president, Evan Wells, has said that the developer would love to continue the series, it's just a bit busy at the moment with that Uncharted 3 thing.

"What I hear a lot recently [from fans] is to make another Jak & Daxter game," Wells told Game Informer.

"My answer always is we'd love to do it, there's a lot of love for the franchise and it has a special place in our hearts for sure, but we're sort of heads down, working on one game at a time now and are focusing on Uncharted, but we'd love to go back to it at some point."

Jak and Daxter shared their latest adventure with a number of other PlayStation icons in PlayStation Move Heroes.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]