Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The First 10 Hours (Pt. 2)

A comprehensive preview of the opening hours...

This is part two of Xbox World 360's Deus Ex: Human Revolution preview. Read part one for the first half of the preview.


There are three routes into the alleys behind the station. The first two - over the fence or across an electrified floor need strength augs Jensen doesn't have, so he heads into the sewers. On the way he finds a back door into the police morgue but doesn't have the augs to hack it, so he emerges above ground on the far side of the station. Jensen stacks some boxes and scales the fire escape, infiltrating via the roof.


The top floor offices are lightly populated; the occasional patrolling cop, easily dealt with. A hack or two will fill some more holes in Megan's story and paint a clearer picture of just how quickly the police closed the case following orders from way above their pay-grade.

The first floor is a mezzanine level which looks down on the main bullpen. A nearby office gives Jensen a free shotgun and the police weapons store contains a PEPS stun gun, but getting in there means getting past a cop staring at the locker's entrance, or a lengthy vent sneak. Besides, Jensen has bigger problems.

He heads to the ground floor and everything starts going wrong. The morgue is in the basement and the entrance is fifty feet away; between him and the elevator there's over a dozen cops, all armed, and several wearing body armour. He's come this far without taking a single life, but that shotgun is looking pretty damn useful right about now.

Resisting the urge to go totally Schwarzenegger on the station, Jensen makes a dash and dies. Jensen has died a few times today but it wasn't worth making note of it until now. Earlier, he fell off a roof and met an undignified end courtesy of an unsurprisingly hard pavement. He also managed to piss off the Derelict Row Ballers and get gunned down on Plum Terrace. But here? In the police station? Jensen dies a lot. Going through the top two floors took a while, but here Jensen has to cross open ground to make it where he's going.

Every attempt at stealth is thwarted until Jensen remembers he has unspent Praxis points to spare. One point upgrades an existing aug, while two unlocks a brand new augmentation. Jensen unlocks his Cloaking system and turns invisible.

With only three batteries and the lowest level of Cloak consuming an entire battery every three seconds he has to move fast. When reduced to zero, Jensen's final battery will gradually recharge, so using just three seconds of invisibility Jensen darts between cover, recharges, and darts again, heading downstairs to the morgue.


That took long enough that maybe next time Jensen won't be so quick to take a dump on his old friends. Anyway, down in the basement Jensen sneaks past a camera and uses a nearby cop's unconscious body to sneak past the laser grid - keyed to the officer's ID - guarding the door to the morgue.

Jensen strolls in like he owns the joint and the pathologist assumes he's one of the higher-ups who has been bossing him around all day. It seems the suicidal hacker is due for collection and Jensen has arrived just in time; he takes the hacker's neural hub. Pritchard doesn't want military-grade brain augmentations anywhere near Sarif HQ so Jensen is to plug it into his own system and let Pritch handle it remotely.

But first, Jensen has to leave. He looks longingly at the back door - a Level 3 hack he hasn't the tools to attempt - and the freedom of the city's sewers, then punches the mortician out of spite and steals his money. Jensen leaves and, predictably, dies a lot again.

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