CVG's Site Of The Week: Splitkick

More gaming goodness from the web...

Last week we sent out applause to unikGamer, a site which allows all kinds from the gaming community to rank their favourite games across a number of different categories.


This week Splitkick catches our eye, thanks to its focus on engaging opinion pieces over the standard news slog.

With that, the Splitkick community is the focus. The site's team aims to conjure debate and customise content to its readers so directly that its reviews are based around specific questions submitted by the Splitkick audience.

We spoke to community manager Ben Daniels to find out more:

What sets Splitkick apart from other sites?

There are two things that separate Splitkick from other sites. First, we do not cover gaming news. This gives our staff the ability to focus entirely on bringing our readers opinion-based articles that will spur community conversation. Second, we take extra time when reviewing games, and write customized reviews for our readership using the questions they submit.

What would you say you specialize in?

Our customized reviews are definitely the cornerstone of the site. Our unique Fun Per Session (FPS) system allows our readers to ask the questions they want answered in upcoming reviews about their most anticipated titles, and then have them answered by our staff in the final written review. It spurs a lot of interaction between our readership and our staff which is what we strive for. We want our community to have a direct feeling of involvement with the site's content.

What do you have planned for the future?

We'll continue to utilize the FPS system, have more editorials on topics we and our readers find interesting, and we're planning to expand into some new concepts that will help enable even more feedback and interaction between our writers and community. Basically, we'll continue trying to come up with interesting ways for our site's community to have its voice be heard."