PlayStation 4: Time for Sony to make the next-gen jump?

Debate: Will we see a new console next year? Is it too soon?

You know as much as anyone that, in the games industry, the rumour mill's always churning.


But recently there seems to have been one topic of conversation that seems to have been popping off the production line an awful lot is the PlayStation 4.

There's always been a rally between developers who are keen to get started on the next cycle and those who are happy where they are, but the pace appears to have quickened more recently.

Publishers like EA and Take-Two have said there's no rush for the next-gen, but then more recently Just Cause developer Avalanche has not only expressed an interest but said that it expects to see at least one next-gen console on the market by 2014.

A much more outrageous prediction is that Sony is getting ready to release the PlayStation 4 next year.

Normally we'd scoff at such a notion but we've actually had not one but two sites stepping up to back the claim now, the latter of which suggests the PS4 will have Kinect-like motion tech!

As more and more chatter begins to circulate, are you starting to be convinced that we could actually be on the cusp of the next-generation of consoles?

Back in March we asked the Xbox lot whether they were ready for a new machine, when the 720 was the subject of speculation. They were a bit hesitant but what say you PlayStation Nation?

Of course Sony execs are trying to calm the notion of the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 4, but do you think it could be closer than they are letting on? More importantly, do you want it to be?