The Daily Show's Jon Stewart tackles US violent games bill

He's not fully with the industry... he is funny

Host of The Daily Show and much-loved US comic Jon Stewart has given his opinion on the US Supreme Court's decision to reject the California Violent Games Bill... in typically stinging fashion.


The bill, first signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 2005, sought to make it illegal for games with violent content to be sold to anyone under 18, and for offending retailers to face prosecution .

Under US law, that would separate violent games from music, movies and literature - and put them in the same category as pornography. The games industry feared that the bill could leave certain games left unstocked by mainstream retailers, and require developers to release different edits of their software to suit each US State.

After the Supreme Court quashed the bill last week, Stewart went a little on the offensive - or at least, targeted what he saw as a wisp of hypocrisy.

Check out the clip below - but be warned: As the comic himself points out, there's some Mortal Kombat footage in there that ain't for kids.

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