Bungie on PS3: Can the studio replicate its Xbox success?

Debate: Will Sony benefit from a Halo beater?

Bungie formally said goodbye to Halo over the weekend, right next to a call to arms for PlayStation 3 developers as the studio prepares the move to multiplatform.


As part of the farewell and homage to the fans, Bungie dropped the potentially exciting line; "We owe it to ourselves to make something better than we ever have before. We owe it to you, as well."

Although Sony won't have exclusive rights to whatever the legendary studio pumps out next, having the Halo dev on the platform at all is a good acquisition for single-platform owners.

The question is, though; will Bungie enter the multiplatform world with a brand new IP that's fresh, exciting and innovative or will it struggle to escape the Halo shadow with a franchise that fails to recreate the magic of its predecessor?

There are a couple of reasons why Bungie might stumble rather than stride to new successes. The first is simply the weight of expectation and the oppressive effect of over-hype. It's rare that creative geniuses strike twice with equal success across two separate franchises and Halo fans will find it hard to look so fondly on whatever comes out of the Bungie womb next.

Then there's the technical and logistical turmoil. Going multiplatform is by no means a small decision, it means a studio has to leave the cushy confines of a platform holder's bosom, where life is simpler and well supported.

Now Bungie is going to have to think about lead platforms, about timed exclusives, about getting the quality of its game consistent for all parties (bearing in mind PS3's tougher architecture). It's something that even the most seasoned multiplatform developers find difficult and FPS fans are particularly eagle-eyed when it comes to comparing the platforms.

But this is Bungie we're talking about, a studio with a core of solid gold. If it can take the world by storm on one console surely it can at least take it by a heavy shower on two.

And so we throw it over to you. What are your expectations for Bungie's foray into a multiplatform future? Will the PlayStation Nation benefit from one of the best studios in the world, or have to make do with a developer past its prime?

Let us know what YOU think in the comments below.