Yet MORE Battlefield 3 pre-order goodies

Amazon joins the queue with fourth pre-order pack

EA's set to offer even more pre-order incentives for Battlefield 3, with a FOURTH pack spotted for the DICE first-person shooter.


Amazon's gone live with a promotion that will see customers receive a code to download the Specact Kit DLC, a collection of "eight unique multiplayer skins".

The Specact Kit joins's bonus dog tags and the Back to Karkand Map Pack, a selection of multiplayer arenas remade from Battlefield 2, available to those who pre-order the Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3.

The fourth pack is GAME's controversial Physical Warfare Pack, which got the community all aflutter because it offers Battlefield early birds a roster of exclusive guns that won't be made available to Ordinary Joes at a later date.

Fans complained this would give certain players an unfair advantage, but EA quickly came out to assure the items "were specifically chosen not to be overpowered or imbalance or break the game in any way."

[ SOURCE: Gamerzines ]