Saints Row: The Third - A real GTA beater?

Hilarious eyes-on with the open-world action game...

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Brilliantly, the focus on delivering new story experiences hasn't come at the expense of whimsical street chaos. New vehicles include the Manapult (a truck with a giant cannon on top that sucks in unsuspecting pedestrians and fires them at targets of your choosing, leaving messy blood smears at the point of impact) and the Gatmobile (a van with a big Johnny Gat head on the front complete with flamethrower in the mouth).

Our current favourite new weapon, meanwhile, is the Apocofist - a giant false hand that explodes anybody you punch into tiny giblets.

Saints Row might have started off as a GTA rival, but now the series is very much in a league of its own. Simply put, no game currently out there and no game on the horizon packs as much fun and hilarity into its running time as Saints Row The Third.

And thanks to the new engine, for the first time in the franchise's history the technology and the polish is definitely going to match up to the mirth.

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