Rockstar: LA Noire 'isn't complete yet' - Zombies incoming?

What comes after Team Bondi's 'final' DLC case?

Despite the release of LA Noire's 'final' DLC case yesterday, more content is in the pipeline for the excellent Team Bondi detective story.


That's according to the mouth of the horse itself, Rockstar Games, which told Kotaku: "The game isn't complete yet," following the arriving of the final announced piece of DLC, the Reefer Madness Vice Case.

With Reefer Madness, Rockstar has now put out five downloadable cases to supplement those included in the main story.

Will it add more? Will we see the restoration of those axed police desks Rockstar supposedly cut from the final game?

We know what we want; full-on, expansion-scale, Red Dead-esque zombies. Do it, Rockstar - let's have some of those poor naked corpses getting revenge on their wife-beating husbands.

It's an appealing idea... right?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]