LA Noire: Zombies - What we want to see

Spoiler alert: This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

It seems you can throw zombies at anything these days and they'll go down a treat.

It was a bit out of the blue in Call of Duty: World At War, even more so in Red Dead Redemption and by the time Yakuza jumped on the dead wagon we thought it was getting a big ridiculous.

Despite any reservations we had initially, however, we've always been pleasantly surprised with every zombie spin-off we've been subjected to recently. For some reason, the undead transcend the survival horror genre with ease.

Rockstar's now said that LA Noire is actually not over just yet, despite having put out the game's last DLC pack. Confused? So are we.


The last thing we're expecting is LA Noire: Zombies but then, this time last year, the last thing we were expecting was Red Dead Redemption: Zombies.

With that in mind here's what we want to see in LA Noire: Zombies. Oh, and since we're going to be discussing the dead and buried of the original game, there's going to be one or two spoilers scattered throughout.

If there's one thing that LA Noire Zombies shouldn't be it's a shooter. While Red Dead naturally went with the double-barrel headshot option, that's not what LA Noire is about.

We absolutely don't think that Noire: Zombies should take itself seriously either, so we fully expect to see Cole Phelps scouring a crime scene and coming across a chunk of brain, a peel of skin, maybe even a whole arm.

We'd love to see Phelps' thoughtful finger hovering over a few scattered body parts while we decide whether to inspect the slightly dusty eyes, the gnawed leg of the severed head that's still slurring its words.

We want to hear Cole say something thoughtful like "Look's like our suspect left an ear behind," upon completing his patented detective wrist swivel.


We came across a lot of dead people in LA Noire. That's just life on the mean streets as a hard-nosed detective, unfortunately. With LA Noire: Zombies all those corpses can actually be put to good use rather than left to waste away.

Take all the dead, naked victims of the Black Dalia, for example. According to zombie law they'd all be given a new lease of life.

In fact, regardless of who they finally fell victim to, most of the characters in LA Noire we wronged by a whole host of people. We want to see them get revenge as a zombie.


Better yet, with tongue firmly in cheek, we want to hunt the killer zombies down and take them into police custody where they will, of course, be interrogated.

As Marvin1198 and MPH have already pointed out, interviewing a zombie would bring a whole new level of difficulty to the interrogation process as budding detectives stare at their cold, dead faces trying to spot the slightest movement.

Does a string of saliva mean he's lying or he's hungry? Should we read into the fact our victim's name is Brian and this zombie suspect keeps saying "Brain"? It'd be like a whole new game!


Admit it; the agility of citizens in 1940s LA was little more than a frustration at times.

Everything else seemed right as it should be; the Rockstar radar, the familiarly mapped buttons, the hijackable cars. Yet when it came to some good old fashioned recklessness something was amiss.

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