25 Essential PSone classics revisited

Are your favourites as good as you remember?

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5. Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
Release 1997 Price £3.99
Even at release this was a 2D hold-out in a world of three dimensions. But it's fun now, as it was then, because it doesn't need technological tricks to be hilarious and brilliant. The antithesis of cute platformer heroes, hero Abe is a slumped green lump of ugliness, trudging nevertheless to Messianic status through an inventive maze of puzzles and enemies.

As good as you remember? Even in 2D, the unique Oddworld universe is still gorgeous.

6. Crash Bandicoot 3
Release 1998 Price £3.99
Ever wondered what Naughty Dog did before Uncharted? Their last and best Crash platformer mixes frantic jump-and-smash exploration with improved looks and non-rubbish vehicle bits. Time trial makes beating it very different to completing it.

As good as you remember? Still a fun platformer, but perhaps too simplistic by today's standards.

7. Tekken 2
Release 1996 Price £3.99
This game put Tekken on top of the fighting world. T3 may have perfected the formula, but to our surprise this remains fantastically playable. With 'one-button, one-limb' controls and a reversal system that still underpins the series, T2 offers retro fighting with a surprisingly strategic edge.

As good as you remember? It's no SFIV, but far from terrible. The depth is still there under the pixels.

8. Vagrant Story
Release 2000 Price £4.79
You can't ignore 'Medieval Gear Solid,' can you? Mostly this survival fantasy RPG's cameras earned it that nickname, but quality did the rest. The focus is on weapon crafting, and while it's got the resolution of a brick wall it's still a looker with flame-lit halls and intricate characters.

As good as you remember? Every bit. Hardly any PS3 RPGs are this good. A real masterpiece.

9. Driver
Release 1999 Price £3.99
Driver's ass-swinging handling nails the '70s cop vibe perfectly. It still rocks for its open-world ambition, for its great replay director and because chases in hilly San Francisco - with cop cars sailing overhead as you hurtle over crests - remain hilarious. Toughest opener ever, though.

As good as you remember? A bit ugly and stupidly difficult in places, but so cheerfully fun.

10. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Release 2000 Price £3.99
Ubisoft's armless, legless (not as sinister as it sounds) hero jumps, shoots and makes his ears do a helicopter thing. And that's it - the
fun comes from smart platforming design and generation-topping visuals. So good it was re-released almost intact on PS2 a year later, it still holds its own now. Although not with the aid of arms.

As good as you remember? A quality platformer, and perhaps the limbless one's finest moment.

11. Twisted Metal
Release 1995 Price £3.99
This David 'God Of War' Jaffe-designed, Mad Max-ish car combat remains playable - and there's a PS3 sequel coming.

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