Latest Zelda ad sees Robin Williams' beard return

Along with his daughter. She's called Zelda.

Ever since we saw Robin Williams in Nintendo's over-the-top Zelda push last month, we've been trying to grow bushy grey beards of our own.


We've failed miserably and no heavier did the weight of realisation weigh down upon us than when we set eyes on this latest Zelda advert, which sees the king of facial candy floss return.

The Hollywood legend asks us, "Will you be a hero of time?" which he pitches as a "simple question". On the contrary, we can't think of a more daunting and multi-faceted proposition.

Here's the video, which has a wonderful section where Mr. Williams gets all excited and goes a bit Aladdin's Genie. Good to see you again, The 90s.

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Oh and there's also a couple of quick shots of Zelda Williams, complete with name tag because she's named after the princess. Didn't Nintendo mention that?