Battlefield 3: Class, Unlock details leak

The videos are gone, but they left something behind

Did you miss the new Battlefield 3 gameplay footage that leaked from the game's alpha beta last night?


Tough cookies we're afraid, EA was pretty quick to swipe the footage back down again.

All's not lost though because those that did see it have got your back. Details and screenshots from the videos are still blowing around the internet.

Here's a summary of all the little nuances and details one particular eagle-eyed EA forumite picked up from the gameplay. It's a pretty extensive list:

* Killing an enemy displays "Enemy Down 100"
* MCOM is 200 points
* Dogtags are 300 points it seems
* "Handgun Ribbon" 200 points. (seems to be a handgun killstreak award).
* "Combat Efficiency Ribbon" 200 points.
* You have to hold [R] to pick up a kit- this notification hovers over the kit
* Crosshairs on knife and shock paddles are a small white dot.
* Tripods on the AK74
* Grenade blew tall trees down
* 3D spotting appears confirmed
* Exiting the combat area only displays a small red warning sign centrescreen.

* The engineer had :
- 5 mags of 30 for his M4
- 5 Rockets for his SMAW
- 4 mags of 16 for his M9 pistol.
- 18 rounds per mag on the MP 443
* The SVD had 6 magazines of 11 rounds.

* First rank is "Pvt 1st class1"
* There are at least 3 classes of Pvt 1st class (1,2,3)
* Highest score seen was 4070

* Engineer gets a G36C as a primary unlock
(Other new weapons):
- SV- 98
- MK11
- Not sure about the M27 IAR
- AKS-74u
- AK-74M

* Medikit is an unlock.
* "Sprint boost" - Customization unlock. What do you make of this?

*Vehicle unlocks:
- MBT Smoke grenade luancher.
- IFV -AT missle launcher.
- Mobile AA- Smokegrenade launcher.
- Attack helicopter, jets, scout? - "Stealth".

* Interesting stats:
- "Highest streak".
- "Longest headshot".
- "Highest nemetag? nemesis streak".

And lastly:

* We have seen 5 different 1HK equipped knife attacks from behind:
- The grab from behind and knife to the heart (a la Crysis 2)
- The same but from the front.
- The grab from behind and backstab.
- The leg sweep and downward chopping blow to the chest.
- And a simple backhand sweep with the knife to the throat.

[ SOURCE: EA froums ]