Kinect 2 'is already here' - Rare

Studio says significant advances have been made since the motion sensor launched last year

The "second generation" of Kinect games will show the technical leaps developers have made with Microsoft's motion sensor, according to Rare studio head Scott Henson.


"Kinect 2 is already here," he said at the Develop conference last week, according to Beefjack.

"The great [thing] with Kinect is it's all software," added Rare incubation software director Nick Burton. "Yeah, there's a sensor bar there, but everything is dealt with in software, which means we can continue to push it."

Burton said that improvements to Kinect motion tracking have allowed the studio to tackle sports like golf and darts in Kinect Sports: Season 2, both of which proved problematic when developing the original game.

In addition, he said the studio's "really pushing" voice control for its upcoming sequel. One example is a virtual caddy which recognises over 300 phrases, allowing you to perform actions like changing your club with your voice.

Speaking in March, Henson and Burton said Rare had only taken advantage of "10 to 15 percent" of Kinect's technical potential - and that the studio's going great guns to fully explore the "virtually limitless" possibilities afforded by the device.

[ SOURCE: Beefjack ]