Epic: 'No excuse' for missing LA Noire credits

Giving credit where it's due is "really f***ing cheap," says studio president Mike Capps

LA Noire has attracted a great deal of positive coverage over the past few months, but a few stories may have detracted a little from the success of the excellent Rockstar thriller.


Specifically, we're talking about allegations of poor working conditions at developer Team Bondi and reports that over 130 developers were cut from the game's credits.

Analyst Michael Pachter had his say on the latter story earlier this week, suggesting the decision to cut the credits lay at publisher Rockstar's door and not that of Team Bondi. And now Epic president Mike Capps has given his two cents on the matter by slamming the decision, whoever made it.

""I think credit is really important, and it's really f***ing cheap - pardon my French," he told IndustryGamers in no uncertain terms. It doesn't cost you a thing to have a guy in the credits who worked for you for three years and had to move to Seattle because his mom got sick six months before the product shipped. Or even just say, he worked hard on this game but didn't finish it.

"What we do [at Epic] is if someone's a programmer on a game but doesn't stay until the end - the end's the hard part - we'll just call them 'additional programming' as opposed to programmer," he added. "But we absolutely still credit them, because it's free to us and I want the guys here to know that if they ever left they would never be cut out of the credits. It's just common courtesy, really."

[ SOURCE: IndustryGamers ]