Free games coming to existing 3DS owners

Nintendo doesn't want to upset you...

Following the news that Nintendo is slashing the price of Nintendo 3DS by a third worldwide, the platform holder has unveiled a treat for existing owners of the console in Europe.


A Nintendo of Europe spokesperson explained to CVG: "We plan to offer an exclusive Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme to consumers who have purchased the Nintendo 3DS at the original launch price.

"The programme will enable these Nintendo 3DS owners to download 10 NES games and 10 Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games for free.

"To be registered for this programme, the Nintendo 3DS owners simply need to connect to the Nintendo eShop before the 12th of August. The free software will then be made available at a later stage.

"More details on the programme will be announced on the Nintendo of Europe website shortly."

Nintendo announced last night that 3DS had sold just 0.7 million units in the period between launch and June 30.