Forza 4 Top Gear screens, gameplay show reasonably priced cars

No Jeremy Clarkson in these pics. Good thing?

We've got our hands on a load of screens from the reasonably priced car Top Gear section of Forza 4.


We've chucked in a bit of new gameplay footage from the game as well, just to really whet your appetite.

The frugal beast in question is a Kia - but Turn 10's chucked in a bit of Ferrari and Lambourgini action as well, just to keep speed beasts interested.

Who fancies taking on the Stig?

Jeremy Clarkson doesn't feature in these pics / video, but his voice does appear in the final game. Best grab those stonewash denims.

Forza 4 is due for release exclusively on Xbox 360 in October.

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