MS: Kinect can 'revolutionise player-character interaction'

Tech allows devs to build storytelling in a more user-driven way "that hasn't been done before"

Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda believes Kinect has the potential to revolutionise player-character interaction.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, which is arriving with subscribers now and will be available from all good newsagents next week, the general manager of Microsoft Game Studios said: "[Something] we struggled with in the games industry for a long time is building an emotional connection between the person playing and the characters inside the games.

"With Kinect, [you are] able to talk to characters inside the games, and experience not just voice recognition but them being able to understand the tone of your voice and how you're saying things, and being able to see your body and incorporating that into relationships.

"I think with the launch game Kinectimals you're starting to see a type of human-to-digital character relationship that can be built using Kinect. I think Kinect technology allows us to build stories and storytelling in a way that is more user-driven, that hasn't been done before."

It seems strange then, as the mag points out, that Microsoft opted to axe Lionhead's Milo & Kate, but Tsunoda said games prioritising player-character interaction are on the way. "That's going to be coming soon."

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