Wii U: Why Ubisoft's is Nintendo's biggest supporter

Ubisoft throws its support behind Nintendo's new console...

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To put it in context, he says that "Assassin's Creed has a distinctive look and we want to get it just right. I'm happy to say that all the graphical shaders we used in development are fully functional." He's tight lipped on specifics - Nintendo see to that - but paints a pretty promising picture.

There'll be brains to go with beauty. Wii U's controller will prove as handy as the iconic blades the game's hero hides up his sleeves. Assassin's Creed revolves around a virtual reality managed by a device called the Animus. The concept of supplementing a digital world with a futuristic interface is a natural fit for the second screen.

"When navigating, it's natural to look at an on-screen map on the controller," Parenteau says. "And also, if a database entry pops up [the world hides a treasure trove of historical info] you can display it on screen and it won't disrupt the game flow." In 2006, Ubisoft proposed similar support for Wii.


Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids, for their flaws, brilliantly embraced the unique character of the waggle wand. And both remain rare third-party franchises able to stand up to the terrifying might of the Nintendo mascots.

Ubisoft are nothing if not daring in their embracing of the new. And with a machine like Wii U, where the sheer scale of potential threatens to tip us into befuddlement, it takes practical examples to guide us through. At E3 we believed Wii U was capable of great things. After talking with Ubisoft, we know it.

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