No PS4, Xbox 720 before 2014, says Skyrim boss

"Consumers are happy" with current hardware, claims Bethesda's Howard

Next-generation consoles won't arrive in 2012 "or the year after", reckons Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director Todd Howard.


When asked by PSM3 magazine how long he thinks we'll have to wait for successors to PS3 and Xbox 360, Howard said he thinks "consumers are happy" with current hardware.

"I think it's going to be a while still, I really do. I think consumers are happy with the current ones, there's a lot you can do with them," he said. "So I don't think it's coming next year or the year after."

Quizzed on earlier comments that Bethesda was considering waiting until the next PlayStation and Xbox hardware to release Skyrim, Howard said that conversations over moving the title to next-gen consoles were "very serious".

"We want [Skyrim] to be fresh. We don't want it to feel, visually or technically, 'Oh this is Fallout 3' or 'this is Oblivion' And if we couldn't do that we would have waited," he said.

2K global president Christoph Hartmann recently claimed Microsoft and Sony are already "experimenting" with Kinect and Move for what could be the foundations of their next-generation console plans.

Hardware giant AMD piped up last month to claim the next Xbox will feature graphics on a par with James Cameron's Avatar.

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