Uncharted 3: Drowning in hype?

How it plans to take your breath away without choking on expectation...

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Rounding out the Uncharted package is an expanded multiplayer, with a new Hunter mode - two players fill the shoes of Drake and Sully going after treasure, two more join the AI pirates trying to stop them - slotting alongside the deathmatches and co-op mini-campaigns.

Naughty Dog's clearly hoping it can offer a cinematic alternative to the grim arenas of Killzone and CoD, which seems a good plan to us. The recent beta has been well-received, connection problems aside, with much more polished combat.


Ask the developers what they're most excited about, though, and the answer proves as predictable as it is welcome. "We just want people to enjoy the story we're telling," says Wells. "We put a lot into the technology, and the gameplay's important, but I think what we're doing with the story - and the emotion that we're drawing out - is uniquely Uncharted."

Uniquely Uncharted, eh? With its ghost ships, sandstorms and lost cities, Drake's Deception is shaping up to be exactly that.

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