Sony CEO shrugs off PS4 rumours

New boss: we're focussed on the now

Last month Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot sent the rumour mill into overdrive when he suggested that Sony will be forced into rush-releasing PS4 in the wake of Nintendo bringing out the Wii U.

But new Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan shrugged off such claims when CVG put them to him at Gamescom - implying that there's no next-gen console coming from his company anytime soon.

"All I'm focussed on right now is making the most of PS3," he said. "We've over 50 million PS2's installed across our PAL territory, and as you've heard yesterday we're up to 22 [million] on PS3, so there is a long way to go. That's all we need to focus on for now."

Instead of looking towards PS4, Ryan says - as suspected - that top of his list of things to do is to launch the new console Sony has confirmed - Vita - more successfully than its many PSP predecessors.

"It's obviously a top priority," he admitted. "We're going to launch early next year and it's critical that a marketplace the size of ours has a succesful launch, installs a lot of product, and that we publish all the great games that we have [lined up for it]."

Ryan insists it will succeed where previous iterations failed for two reasons: "The quality of the content available at launch far exceeds anything we've had on any platform [at the same stage], not just PSP. Marketing great content is much more straightforward than marketing content that perhaps is not so great.

"Secondly, come the fall [2012] you're going to see the heavy guns from the third party community coming to the platform, giving us additional momentum for the Christmas selling season."

Those heavy guns include 2K, with a debut handheld instalment of Bioshock, and Activision, which is bringing Call Of Duty to the new machine. But it's the bespoke Assassin's Creed game for Vita that Ryan is most excited about.

"The guys at Ubi are going to do something very special with Assassins Creed," he says. "It'll be built from the ground up - a brand new game designed with the new interfaces in mind. That IP, with the strength of the characters Ubi always put in those games, and Vita with all the sexy new stuff it's doing, can be a really potent combination."