New Wii model: 'No plans' for US release

Sleeker model announcement is EU-exclusive... for now

Nintendo's announcement today of a new 'Family Edition' Wii model is EU-exclusive.


A Nintendo rep has told Kotaku that the platform holder "does not currently have any plans" to release the new SKU in North America. We'll give you a moment to dry your eyes...

It's a more streamlined Wii compared to the model we know and love, coming in its signature white colour but with a slightly altered configuration. The big change is that it won't be compatible with GameCube software or accessories, and it will sit horizontally instead of vertically.

Nintendo's version of 'no plans' usually equates to 'we're not ready to announce it', so don't wipe it off your must-buy list just yet, American friends.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]