Battlefield 3 'doesn't have to outsell Modern Warfare 3 to be a success' - EA

"It's about reducing Activision's market share" says COO Peter Moore

Battlefield 3 doesn't have to outsell Modern Warfare 3 to be a success, according to EA chief operating officer Peter Moore.


Instead, the publisher aims to carve away at COD's share of the FPS market and become "a major player, if not ultimately a dominant player in the industry".

"It's less about being second place. This is about taking market share," Moore told Gamespot.

"This is really about a long-term strategy in what we think is a very important shooter segment that has driven over the last few years multiple billions of dollars of revenue into the industry.

"If you look at last year, you might argue that Call of Duty took maybe 90 percent of the market share. We think we can knock that down to 70 percent this year. We don't have to outsell Call of Duty to have a very successful year. This is a long-term strategy to be a major player."

Moore called upon a different genre that hosts a similarly fierce battle for the number one spot to illustrate EA's strategy.

"We've got a precedent," he pointed out. "If you remember, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer used to be as recently as three or four years ago, head-to-head in a lot of markets, with PES as the dominant brand.

"We invested enormously in both the quality of the game, the marketing, a real focus on getting the game right, and being there for gamers and building a community around it. It's no different than what we intend to do in the shooter category."

Moore's comments on the Battlefield and Call of Duty rivalry are more measured than some of EA's previous ones, which have led to criticism from Activision. Earlier this week, Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg condemned EA CEO John Riccitiello's Call of Duty mudslinging.

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]