Gunstringer Gamescom trailer is dual-wielding

Kinect-powered cowboy puppet takes to the stage

This is the latest trailer of Twisted Pixel's Kinect-powered on-rails shooter, The Gunstringer.


The Gunstringer - developed by the ladies and gents behind Ms. Splosion Man - is a Kinect-controlled 2D/3D hybrid shooter staring a resurrected string puppet cowboy seeking revenge against his killers.

Originally expected for release via XBLA, Gunslinger was more recently confirmed for a full retail release on September 16. The game will go for £29.99 and come bundled with a full download code for upcoming XBLA slash-em-up, Fruit Ninja Kinect.

If you want to see more we've got 15 minutes of gameplay footage over here.

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