Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch has 24 players max, no vehicles

All platforms are equal

Battlefield 3 will support 24 players in its Team Deathmatch mode, which won't feature vehicles.


That's according to, which says that DICE confirmed the above for all platforms during GamesCom.

The news won't affect console fans since Battlefield 3's multiplayer is limited to 24 players maximum across the board on 360 and PS3.

The PC faithful will have the luxury of 64 players in other modes such as Conquest, however.

"Team Deathmatch will be focused entirely on tight infantry portions of regular maps," reports, pointing out that games shouldn't feel too sparse because "the map is tighter, the gameplay is more focused and intense."

Have a look at the massive Battlefield 3 multiplayer fact sheet that was released earlier this month to get all the small details.

[ SOURCE: Battlefield 3 Blog ]