Resistance 3: The most well-rounded shooter on PS3?

Time to man up - while there are still men left...

We know that the nature of first-person shooters is to constantly heap endless waves of enemies on top of you but Resistance 3 feels like a truly relentless game.

With the last scraps of the human race forced underground or into tiny pockets of resistance fighters dotted around the world, the game does a great job of making you feel like you can never quite stem the tide of the alien invasion. Lead character Joseph Capelli is little more than the sticking plaster placed over the shotgun wound.

That's not to say that he isn't planning to go out without a fight so it's a credit to devs Insomniac that they've made the process of taking down as many Chimera with you as possible immensely satisfying.


Exotic weaponry has always been a key selling point for past Resistance games and finding different ways to turn aliens into chunks of extra terrestrial meat is surprisingly cheery for a game otherwise so bleak it makes Metro 2033 look like the Wizard of Oz.

The homing bullets of the Bullseye rifle, explosive rounds of the Magnum or concussion rounds of the Rossmore shotgun may seem like overkill in the early stages but all prove utterly invaluable at given points. Sometimes, the weapon you receive before a dark, claustrophobic tunnel section are a little too conveniently fit for purpose...

Visually, Resistance 3 hasn't done a great deal to shake off the PS3's reputation for being home to 'brown' exclusive shooters but that's not to say that it isn't an impressive-looking title.

Environments hop quickly from ominously-lit subterranean towns to South-central farms to the now-familiar videogame environment that is a half-destroyed New York City. Nothing particularly unique as far as FPS locations go so far, but they're structured to make some challenging set-pieces.

Resistance 3 is definitely no walk in the only-just-pre-apocalyptic park; the different breeds of Chimera are not only smart enough to outflank you (and use wall-penetrating weapons like the Auger-2) but (in the case of creatures like the Longlegs) leap right into your face to finish you off up close.

Plus, ditching the traditional regenerating health in favour of health packs means frequent tense moments hunting for the elusive green healing items.

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We'd almost forgotten how much it alters the gameplay and moves you towards caution. Even though we weren't able to sample the multiplayer here (which is reduced in size from past games to 16-player matches and will offer replayability through extensive load-out customisation) Resistance 3 is definitely a shooter we can't wait to sample more of.

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