5 reasons why smartphones will never replace consoles

Super smart phones or just console phoneys?

Mike Capps, the charismatic leader of Epic Games, thinks that consoles will naturally evolve into mobile platforms. We love you Mike, but we officially take issue with that idea.

With Nintendo's Wii U set for release next year, many are pondering the possibility of impending next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But Capps questions the need for them at all, instead suggesting all your gaming will be done via a super powerful dog and bone.

Capp's suggestion is bold to say the least, but there are bound to be some issues. Here are five that hit us right between the eyes straight away. Let us know what you think:



Having a games console on your phone might be the stuff of miniature dreams, right there along with having a roast dinner in a pill but unfortunately, it's the stuff of dreams for thieves as well.

Those of you that have fallen victim to a bit of a five-finger-discounting from slippery pick-pockets will know the pain of patting your pocket to find that your phone has vanished. Imagine if that phone was also your high-end games console and entertainment centre. Suddenly you're not only saying bye-bye to your contacts but all your saved data and personal information as well. We're not sure about you but that sounds like a nightmare scenario to us.



There's little doubt that touch screens operate brilliantly in terms of sending texts and using apps apps and yes, to some extent, they're a decent way of playing games. But let's face it, the applications of touch screens are limited, especially when it comes to core gaming.

Take Angry Birds, a game that simply requires you to put finger to screen and pull back a catapult. Job done. Compare that to a game like Call of Duty, which has separate commands for running, shooting, aiming, reloading, grenade throwing, crouching, jumping, melee combat... You get the picture.

Overall, you can expect mobile platforms to bring some pretty major control issues to the table that'll make you fantasise about getting your hands back on your highly responsive and dependable dual stick controller or mouse.



Not that Microsoft's old 'red ring of death' did us any favours with this argument, but you can bank on there being durability issues that would far exceed larger consoles. We've all experienced those wallet emptying moments of frustration when our phones finally croak and give out on us, either through general wear and tear or through strange accidents/drunken antics.

If you've ever had to join one of those weekly "Lost my phone, need your numbers" Facebook groups you'll know that most people don't need the above thief to lose a phone. In the long run then, thanks to the 'apparent' future of console gaming, you'll most likely end up going through two Smartphone consoles a year and end up with bills to the ceiling. Imagine dropping your 360 down the toilet. Doesn't feel good, does it?


Your best mate has just sent a wonderfully crafted joke via text that's just the right ratio of topical to risqué and, as the punch-line draws near with a side-car of comic relief, your mum rings. Gah! Joke ruined. It's a classic. Kind of.


Now, add some mind-blowing gaming potential that phone and that joke becomes Street Fighter IV, that ruined punch-line becomes an interrupted combo. Just as sickening. Plus, we can think of a couple of situations where a gamer will need to use his or her phone while playing. Calling work to tell them how sick you are when Skyrim is released, for example.

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