3DS Ambassadors: All 10 NES games named

Nintendo confirms first batch of free titles

Nintendo has confirmed the full list of 10 free NES games that early 3DS adopters will be getting on September 1.


The newly confirmed games are: Metroid, Open Tournament Golf, Wrecking Crew, Yoshi and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They join the previously confirmed titles: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend of Zelda.


Those games will be available to download free from September 1 for 3DS Ambassadors; that is everyone who bought a 3DS before the price drop and logged into the eShop before August 12 (although failing that, there are other ways to prove your eligibility).

Nintendo will later this year give eligible Ambassadors 10 free Game Boy Advance games, seven which have been confirmed as: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

The 10 free NES games will go on sale to the general public later this year, but Nintendo says it has 'no plan' to ever sell the 10 GBA games. That makes them hot exclusives, innit.