Get your 3DS Ambassador games NOW!

US 3DS owners can get their 10 free NES games a little early

Someone at Nintendo of America has fat fingers, it seems. The platform holder plans to release 10 free NES games to 3DS Ambassadors tomorrow via the eShop, but US users can download them right now and cackle as they BEAT THE SYSTEM.


Update: It seems the games are only available early on the US eShop. UK users have informed us the games aren't present on the EU eShop (Note: This editor now lives in US). Update ends.

Go into the eShop and scroll all the way to the left. Click on 'Settings / Other'. Scroll down on that list and click on 'Your Downloads' to see your download history.

Scroll past all the downloads you've made since you got your 3DS and you will see the 10 free NES games sitting right there, with a giant 'Redownload' button just begging to be pressed.

And that's it - the 10 free NES games are yours and any plans to sleep tonight are cancelled.

You'll also find an 'Ambassador Certificate' download which you should grab, too. It's just a video app with a Notification element that will keep you updated on when the other 10 games - GBA titles - will be available to you. Run it and hit the 'Receive Notifications' button on the lower screen.

We've just done it the crafty way, everything works perfectly and there are no Nintendo helicopters outside our windows, so go for it.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]