Uncharted Dual Pack confirmed for US

The first two games in a single box for $39.99

Naughty Dog has confirmed it will release an Uncharted Dual Pack compilation in US next week.


The Dual Pack, out September 6, includes the Greatest Hits versions of the first two Uncharted games in a single box; two of the best games this generation and they only want $39.99 for it. That, kids, is a sweet deal.

It's also includes a 'Super Voucher' containing all of the DLC content from the UNCHARTED 2 GOTY Edition, as well as two DLC items from UNCHARTED 3 - the UNCHARTED 3 Announcement Nathan Drake PSN Avatar and the UNCHARTED 3 Announcement Dynamic Theme, as Naughty Dog explains.

If you like yourself a good single-player romp, have a PS3 and haven't got either of these games, here's what you should do: grab a spanner, tighten that loose screw you have, then get them. Here's our gushing Uncharted 2 review.

There's no Dual Pack announced for UK just yet, but you should be able to find them cheap if you look around.

Here's a Dual Pack trailer.