How to download the 3DS Ambassador Games

No, it's not simple...

Still looking for the ten free NES games Nintendo made available as part of its 3DS Ambassador programme this morning? The boys over at ONM have found them, but judging by their tattered clothes and stinging wounds, it wasn't easy.

You'd think some sort of on-screen celebration would be waiting for you when you lifted the lid on your little device, or a special menu icon, a prompt a dead pixel that was actually a secret link - Anything! But no, if you open your 3DS you'll find no indication that retro goodness is waiting to be downloaded.

Good job our colleagues hacked their way through cyber-jungle and virtual vines to uncover the hidden bounty. And look, they left breadcrumbs.

Step One: It starts off logically enough. Since the downloads haven't jumped on to your screen with a nice 'Download all?' option, the sensible place to look is the 3DS eShop, right? Right!


Step Two: Now, if we were setting up a real world shop, where would we put the exciting offer that lets our customers play all of their childhood favourites for free? Ah! The cleaning cupboard. Perfect!

Or, in the case of the 3DS, 'Settings/Other' - that's where Nintendo has chosen to put its classic NES games. So, scroll all the way to the left. Keep scrolling. Keep scrolling.


Step Three: Once you're in the tantalising realm of 'Settings/Other' you can start to figure out which part of the menu might be hiding the likes of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

Hmm, let's see, 'Titles You've Downloaded'? That can't be it because, thanks to this convoluted process, we haven't even managed to - oh no wait that is where we need to head next!


Step Four: Scroll past all the titles you actually have already downloaded and you'll get to Super Mario Bros. the first of the Ambassador Games.

You'll see a button giving you the option to 'Redownload' that game you've never downloaded before and you should click it. Just click it, don't ask why.


Step Five: It'll start downloading, leaving you to wait until it's finished, at which point it will ask if you want to continue shopping or return to the home menu.

If you want to go back to the home menu, continue to Step Six. If you want to continue shopping (and have short term memory loss) go back to Step Two because it's going to kick you all the way back to the eShop.


Step Six: Play, right? Wrong! Although Super Mario Bros. is waiting on your home screen, it's covered in wrapping paper.

That's right! You've gone to the shops, bought yourself a gift, wrapped it and then unwrapped as soon as you've gotten home. It's a sad life.

Click Super Mario Bros. to unwrap it and it's ready to play.


Step Seven: Want to download the other nine NES games on offer? Repeat the whole process again and again and again...