Modern Warfare 3: First multiplayer details from the trailer

Debut movie shows weapons, perks, killstreaks, game types and more

Activision has launched the first Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer, which points to a focus on class-based gameplay in Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter.


The movie shows four players from a CoD Elite clan called Final Rest. Profiles flash up showing off their loadouts, which include the usual array of weapons and items. Most interestingly, killstreaks appear to be ordered into 'Strike Packages' and don't reset after a player dies.

One player has an Assault Strike Package, activating a UAV after three kills, AH-6 Overwatch after nine and Juggernaut after 15. The player's perks are Recon, Quickdraw and Stalker.

The second player's loaded up with a Support Strike Package, which activates an Airdrop Trap after seven kills, Remote Turret after nine and EMP after 11. His perks are Extreme Conditioning, Assassin and Sitrep.

A third player, also rocking a Support Strike Package, has different killstreaks, with Ballistic Vests unlocked after five kills, a Recon Drone after ten and a Stealth Bomber after 14. His perks are Recon, Blast Shield and Dead Silence.

The fourth player's Strike Package is called Specialist. Two kills enables Scavenger Pro, four kills Steady Aim Pro and six kills Marksman Pro. His perks are Blind Eye Pro, Overkill Pro and Sitrep Pro.

It appears you'll be able to further customise your character class by selecting from attributes such as Proficiency, Focus, Kick and Attachments, which we imagine will allow you to minimise recoil and improve accuracy, among other things.

Primary weapons on show include the M4 and ACR 6.8, while secondary ones feature the FMG9, M320 GLM, XM25 and a Dragunov sniper rifle. Items include frags, flash bangs, what appears to be an EMP grenade and, strangely, a Bouncing Betty, which as far as we're aware is a WWII era mine.

Activision has also promised new multiplayer game types for Modern Warfare 3. Modes that flash up on screen include familiar ones like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Ground War, and a seemingly new one called Kill Confirmed.

Also featured in the trailer are choppers offering air support, missile drops, SAM turrets and what looks like a sentry gun on wheels. Players appear to be able to collect dog tags from downed enemies too.